Sales Empowerment Group is the leader in the industry when it comes to helping organizations drive top-line revenue. We help sales organizations add the right people and put in the most effective sales structure and sales technology to increase sales. Our flexible, standalone or full-service options ensure that we can tailor a solution to meet the unique needs of every business. We know how to execute and deliver results for your organization.

Sales Empowerment Group (SEG) has helped many of the most innovative, fastest growing businesses and Fortune 500 companies with sales consulting, sales recruiting, sales training, lead generation, sales technology and our unique Interim Sales Executive Sales Program. The SEG and SUG teams have created a full suite of services that any organization can use to increase productivity, improve sales structure and, more importantly, increase revenue.

Today, Sales Empowerment Group has helped hundreds of organizations (many of them in the Fortune 500) reach their revenue goals. We have built our sales consulting team with Fortune 500 VP of Sales expertise to include a nice mix of industry-specific talent that makes an immediate impact. SEG’s client list consists of many businesses that have appeared in Crain’s Fast 50 and Inc. 500/5000.

Our Story

It all started with one question, “Can you be my VP of Sales until I find the right person?” The year was 2009 and Brian O’Neil, Founder and CEO of SEG, was having lunch with a friend who was the owner of a company and who shared that he needed someone to run sales for him, that he couldn’t do it all by himself anymore, and that sales were hurting because he was stretched too thin. That first engagement led to the friend telling others and soon Brian was serving in some form of interim sales capacity for three companies, then four, and the phone kept ringing. The need was there.

What all of the companies had in common, regardless of size or industry, was a need for interim sales expertise to help with some specific issue –– whether to get over a hurdle, fill a talent void, launch a new product or service, build/rebuild their sales team, rethink their sales strategy, or solve some other problem. They needed experienced yet affordable expertise that could jump in now and hit the ground running, not the services of a big consultation team whose model is slow, laborious and costly.

Sales Empowerment Group was born, led by Brian and other seasoned sales leaders with broad-based skills who seamlessly go into a company, assess the situation, and work side by side with management and staff to augment capabilities and address sales-and growth-related issues with speed, clarity and street smarts. A typical engagement lasts six to 24 months. No long-term contract. No long-term cost. No time for mediocrity or non-performance. Our clients can fire us at anytime. Since 2009, SEG has successfully completed more than 500 engagements, supporting companies from start-ups to Fortune 500s with battle-tested sales talent, proven tools and actionable processes that deliver what is needed to drive growth, revenue and success.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission:

Sales Empowerment Group’s mission is to accelerate growth by providing immediate, impactful revenue-generating services to our clients. We offer and deliver world-class talent and sales thought leaders who strive to maximize the growth of our clients’ organizations.

Our Vision:

Sales Empowerment Group will be known as the premier suite of sales solutions and an extension to a company’s sales team. Sales Empowerment Group will positively impact the growth, success and people of our client companies today, tomorrow and in the future!

Our Values:

DEDICATION – Go the extra mile for your client, your team and yourself by taking on each day with resilience and hard work.

TEAMWORK – Encourage and support our team by holding each other accountable and prioritizing efforts that drive the team to exceed client expectations.

COACHABILITY – The foundation of our company is coaching and training, the application of which is the responsibility of all of us.

CREATIVITY – Dedicate time to step out of your comfort zone, think outside the box and put your personal touch on your work.

RESPECT – We require respect and empathy for each other, our coaches, our clients and ourselves.

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