Sales Recruiting

Organizations of all sizes trust the Sales Empowerment Group (SEG) to help them build their sales teams and hire the right sales leadership. Our sales recruiters, based in Chicago, know how to identify top sales talent and sales leadership for your business through our proven technology and methodology. We are experts in the recruitment of sales professionals and sales. We source highly qualified candidates and leverage our national networks to place the best of the best for our clients.

About Us: Top Sales Recruiting Firm in Chicago

Unlike many direct sales recruiting firms, SEG has executive sales recruiters and sales management recruiters, enabling us to find the highest quality candidates to both execute and also manage your sales department. The skill sets that make an individual an exceptionally good sales representative are often quite different from those that make a good sales manager. Our broad experience in both areas gives us the insight to distinguish top sales talent from top sales leadership talent.

We hire for permanent and temporary positions, including the very important Interim VP of Sales in Chicago organizations.

While SEG works with Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial startups and everything in between, our clients have one thing in common — a desire for dynamic revenue growth. They recognize that without highly effective sales representation and leadership, client acquisition and retention are more likely to go down or sideways than up. They also recognize that by investing in outstanding sales talent, they will get a strong and ever-increasing return on that investment.

Advantages of SEG, Leaders in Direct Sales Recruiting

If you have never used a sales recruiting firm in Chicago, there are many advantages to consider.

First, using SEG for sales recruiting unburdens your HR and/or sales leadership staff from the tedious and time-consuming tasks of attracting candidates, sifting through resumes, scheduling appointments and documenting interviews. Instead of laboring over these tasks, these departments can instead focus on business-critical activities and increase their effectiveness, making a stronger, positive impact on your operation.

If all the tedious and time-consuming HR activities involved with sales recruiting led to great results, it might be worthwhile. However, because SEG is made of professional executive sales recruiters, we have built a tremendous pool of sales talent to draw from, and have developed a time-tested methodology to screen candidates and match them to the particular characteristics of our clients’ organizations. This adds up to a selection process that moves quickly and presents clients with candidates who are extremely likely to be a great fit.

Based in Chicago, our sales recruiters are in proximity to one of the largest pools of sales talent in the world — but our reach extends much further. Our sales and sales management recruiters have developed relationships with sales professionals throughout the U.S., giving us the ability to search on your behalf from the broadest possible base of candidates. Furthermore, our national reach enables us to strongly support organizations with ongoing needs for representation in multiple regional territories.

Chicago is a strong, fast-paced business environment, with companies in fierce competition to find and attract top sales and sales management talent. Understanding this market, as our sales consulting company in Chicago does, makes a huge difference when it comes to selling candidates on the advantages of your company and working in Chicago. For many of today’s top sales candidates, lifestyle plays an important role: it’s not just salaries, expenses and career paths any more (although those things remain extremely important). However, SEG, Chicago sales recruiters, will find your ideal candidate wherever he/she is, and build his/her interest in your company and this wonderful area in which we work and live.

If you would like to learn more about how SEG sales recruiting will help your organization achieve dynamic revenue growth, please contact us. We are eager to discuss your needs, and challenge and develop a winning recruiting strategy for your company.