Sales Lead Generation in Chicago

The Sales Empowerment Group is a Chicago-based sales lead generation company with a strong focus on recruiting and training motivated sales professionals — grooming them to learn your business. We have helped organizations of all sizes achieve dynamic revenue growth by unburdening them of the time-consuming work of developing highly qualified sales leads. In turn, we act as a sales rep incubator to help build your sales force.

Why Rely on SEG for Outsourced Lead Generation in Chicago?

As any B2B organization knows, maintaining a full pipeline of qualified sales leads is a tremendous challenge.

  • Finding sales leads requires your highly paid sales professionals to spend hours trying to identify the one suspect out of 10 or the one suspect out of 20 who is a genuinely promising sales prospect.
  • Once those prospects are identified, a great deal of additional time is consumed developing those suspects into real prospects — a process that can take days, weeks, months or years — depending on your sales cycle and the prospect’s situation.

By outsourcing B2B sales generation to SEG, one of the top sales recruiting firms in Chicago, your company reaches an entirely new level of sales efficiency. Instead of sales reps (or internal support staff members) spending time finding and qualifying leads, they can take that considerable amount of time and apply it to what they do best and what you pay them to do — close sales, sell new products and services to existing customers, and build solid, long-lasting customer relationships.

B2B companies that manage the sales team’s time in this way have built the foundation for rapid, predictable revenue growth.

SEG’s Lead Generation Strategy for Chicago Firms Makes the Difference

All lead generation companies are not alike. SEG recognizes that B2B organizations have complex value propositions and extremely sophisticated customers. Because of this, our sales lead generation company takes a strategic approach.

We take the time to understand your value proposition; the unique attributes of your company, products and services; the key decision drivers; and the needs and challenges we are likely to find among your prospects. This in-depth discovery enables us to develop a sales lead generation strategy that resonates with qualified prospects.

Additionally, once time and energy are invested into grooming these sales professionals, you have the opportunity to hire them, bringing them into your internal team. We mentor and coach them in the early part of their career; you take them once they are proven.

By communicating intelligently with your prospects, we put your brand in the best possible light with every contact. This is important, given the long sales cycle common to many B2Bs. By making a good first impression, we hope to generate a sale quickly, but if that is not possible, we want customers to want to connect with you anyway, because they see you as an outstanding potential business partner.

Top Lead Generation Services for Chicago Business

The Chicago market is fast-paced and highly competitive. Getting the attention of prospects and closing the sale, regardless of the strategy, are challenging assignments. We’re up to the task! Because lead generation is our business, we have had years to hone strategies and tactics that work — and also eliminate ones that don’t work or refine them until they do. Rather than spend the valuable time of your staff learning the many subtleties and complexities of lead generation, leverage SEG’s sales lead generation expertise in your Chicago business, giving your top talent more time to close sales. This is how top-growth firms accelerate revenue growth and surpass even the most aggressive sales goals. Once again, we do not provide cookie-cutter solutions; instead, we combine our knowledge of lead generation best practices with a thorough understanding of your products, services and value proposition, to create a unique lead generation strategy that will work for you.

If you would like to learn more about SEG, our sales lead generation services, and how our Chicago sales consulting company can help you achieve dynamic revenue growth, please contact us. We are eager to learn more about your organization and develop a winning lead generation strategy.