Interim VP of Sales

How Our Outsourced VP of Sales Solution Works

An Interim VP of Sales from the Sales Empowerment Group, a leading sales recruiting firm in Chicago, is an experienced, battle-tested sales executive with the proven ability to organize sales teams and take them to a higher level of productivity.

Our engagements with clients last anywhere from 6-12 months, and devote attention to the full range of sales leadership activities, including:

  • Recruiting and training new sales people.
  • Working with current sales reps to improve overall effectiveness and close rates.
  • Identify process improvements to make the sales more efficient for new business acquisition and client retention.
  • Identify new technologies to bring greater efficiency around internal and external   communication.

Further Insight on Our Interim VP of Sales — Chicago Program

Clients in the Chicago area hire us to execute and get results. With more than 50 companies that have used a Sales Empowerment Group Interim VP, the average revenue increase after the program is on track has been 30 percent; a substantial increase by any standard.

Many companies we meet have lack of structure and accountability. Your sales organization is far too valuable an asset to put at risk with an untested management solution — and also too valuable to leave unmanaged or undermanaged for any length of time. Our interim solution enables you to avoid both extremes — together we work on implementing a sustainable structure and management team for long-term success.

An outsourced vice president of sales brings fresh thinking and new ideas to your sales team. One of the biggest pitfalls of a sales organization is inward focus — and it is an easy trap to fall into. By exposing your sales team to new methodologies and changes in best practices, your sales team will be able to better communicate with prospects and build traction with your offering.

Finally, our Interim VP of Sales is a low-risk, high-reward solution. As a business leader, you understand the cost and disruption of hiring someone who turns out to be a bad fit, especially at the vice president level. With an Interim VP, your organization gains all the value of a permanent hire, but without the cost of a high-level permanent employee and avoiding any situation that would require a termination.

Why Us? Top Sales Recruiters in Chicago

The Chicago business scene is vibrant and competitive. Some of the world’s top companies, fastest growing companies, and most successful companies are located right here. Finding and attracting top-level talent for interim VP of Sales positions are challenging tasks. The Sales Empowerment Group is up to the challenge. With deep roots in the Chicago market, our sales recruiting firm, in Chicago, knows where to look for talented candidates that make a perfect match for our client firms. Don’t take a chance with sales recruiters unfamiliar with the Chicago market or just view Chicago as one of many markets. It’ll take passion for Chicago businesses to find candidates eager to work here. We have it! Put us to work today.

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If you would like to learn more about how our Interim VP of Sales program can deliver a 30 percent revenue boost, please contact us today. Our sales consulting company in Chicago is eager to help you achieve a whole new level of sales performance.