Sales Empowerment Group, a Leading Chicago Sales Consultancy

Sales Empowerment Group (SEG) offers sales consulting services to businesses of all sizes — from Fortune 500 venture capital portfolio companies to fast-growing startups. We hone in on every aspect of sales management and recruitment. By providing services that touch every part of the sales cycle, we offer in-depth sales consulting expertise that includes:

  • Designing and implementing effective sales strategies
  • Assessing the performance of inside and outside sales teams
  • Recommendations on designing a comprehensive sales plan
  • Custom-tailored solutions for virtually any client situation

Why Us? A Sales Recruiting Firm in Chicago with a Difference

SEG, headquartered in Chicago, knows this market inside and out. Finding top sales talent here is always a challenging task: the best sales people and executive sales talent have lots of career options. Though because of our relentless focus as sales recruiters in Chicago, we have the time and focus to find individuals that align perfectly with your hiring objectives. Our services don’t stop with sales recruiting. Sales consulting services from SEG are available to help you build on an existing strategy, implement a new one, and help you organize your sales team to execute your strategy with precision — to achieve rapid, sustainable and dynamic sales revenue growth.

Here are examples where our sales consulting company in Chicago has engineered

dramatic improvements in sales operations for three leading U.S. companies:


BigMachines, a leading cloud-based solutions provider that enables sales personnel to grow revenue faster, approached SEG with the need for sales representatives to become more productive in reaching specific revenue figures.

SEG provided BigMachines with a greater number of qualified field representative candidates than other recruitment firms. From this pool of candidates, the solutions provider hired two field representatives — one of whom went on to become the firm’s No. 1 field representative overall.

“SEG exceeded our expectations,” says Josh Gray, VP of Development at BigMachines. “As a net performer score, on a scale of 10 to 10, I’d give SEG a 10.”

Tatum LLC

Tatum LLC is a leading management consulting firm offering hands-on strategic, financial and technology solutions to large companies. Senior management sought to expand its sales focus to include proactive lead generation and outreach. Recognizing that it lacked the appropriate levels of staff to handle concentrated lead-generation efforts, Tatum LLC turned to Chicago sales consultant SEG for help.

SEG’s Sales University Group (SUG) quickly analyzed Tatum LLC’s services, processes and value proposition. Using its broad-based network, SUG contacted C-level executives in selected industries, setting up meetings between those executives and Tatum managing partners. This allowed Tatum’s internal business developers to focus on making presentations, closing sales and nurturing client relationships.

“If you look at what we spend compared to the opportunities [SUG] generated, we received about eight times a return on our investment,” notes Jim Dimitriou, Tatum LLC Managing Partner.

True Partners Consulting

True Partners Consulting is a dynamic tax-and-business advisory firm with more than 250 employees across the U.S. Seeking a more focused effort to expand business development and grow the company, True Partners Consulting and its private equity owner turned to SEG.

Within months, SEG achieved several key milestones:

  • Established an onboarding process for business developers
  • Designed a sales process that included creating a sales playbook, aligning companywide marketing and business development efforts
  • Provided enhanced training at multiple levels of the sales process
  • Re-aligned the sales team and reporting
  • Implemented better process documentation through

“The team [at SEG] definitely exceeded our expectations, based on the quality of talent they found for our niche industry,” reports Timothy Costello, CFO, True Partners Consulting.

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