Chicago Sales Consulting & Recruiting Services

Sales Empowerment Group is the sales consulting company that Chicago businesses trust for exactly what our name suggests — sales empowerment for your business. With stand-alone and full-service options available, we make it our mission to create custom-tailored packages of services and personnel to meet your particular sales needs, whether that involves a stand-in sales VP or a team of lead generation professionals. Based upon your unique situation and goals, we provide the personnel, sales structure and sales technology that can produce maximized business growth. From Naperville to downtown Chicago, we support sales teams in a way that means measurable return on investment — so let us help your company move to the next level of growth.

Interim VP of Sales

When you need an Interim VP of Sales in Chicago, we’re here to connect you with the kind of temporary sales leader who can empower your sales team while also boosting overall revenue. Skilled in recruiting, training and streamlining business, each outsourced VP is focused on helping reach higher levels of productivity. Hire one of our vetted sales executives for anywhere from six months to a year, or longer, and see how your company’s salespeople, processes and profits can grow. Already, more than 50 companies have used this service, seeing an average of 30 percent increase in revenue.

Sales Consulting

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling marketing services in Oswego or real estate in Lincoln Park, when generating new business, you need a winning sales system. That’s why Sales Empowerment Group is available to assess your existing sales processes with our systematic, proven approach to business sales. Backed by the knowledge of our Executive Team and using the understanding we have about your firm, we assess your sales process and point out areas to change. Our sales consulting services offer solutions for any size company, from a Fortune 500 business to a startup.=

Sales Recruiting

When it comes to sales recruiters in Chicago, we’re your best resource. That’s because Sales Empowerment Group is the sales recruiting firm in Chicago that has already helped hundreds of organizations build their sales teams and hire sales leadership to move forward. Because we are specially equipped through technology and methodology to identify top sales talent, we help simplify your sales recruiting. We use our national networks and ability to source top talent to get you only the best in sales professionals and sales executives.

Inside Sales Incubator and Lead Generation

Nobody has to tell you that generating leads and setting appointments is a vital part of the sales process. Though when you don’t have the time or resources to invest in sales solutions, appointment setting and sales lead generation in Chicago, we’re here to provide sales incubation inside or outside your business. This way, we can focus on bringing new opportunities to your business, so you’re free to focus on what you do best. Check out Sales University Group to learn more.

Are you ready to increase your sales performance? How could your Chicago company benefit from our services? To learn more about driving more sales and more revenues, contact us today.