February 25, 2016

How to Be Successful in Your Workplace

If you’ve just landed your dream job, congratulations! Now it’s time to begin excelling in both workplace behavior and workplace ethics — in short, to become a success in the workplace.

Here are tips on how to be the best you can be at your job:

Learn and comply with the company’s rules. You’re responsible for thoroughly understanding your employer’s guidelines and policies. If there is any question, talk to your boss and get clarity on expected workplace behavior.

Be a part of the team. Your company wants you to be an exemplary team player. Get involved in team-based initiatives and company-sponsored social gatherings.

Always be ready to offer assistance. A courteous, friendly business relationship doesn’t involve gossip or other extraneous behavior. You’ll go far by presenting a consistently courteous and helpful demeanor toward others.

Gain a Competitive Edge

How can you get your job done and maintain a competitive edge in today’s workplace?

Think like an entrepreneur. You’re not in business for yourself, but why not act like you are? Come up with ideas that benefit your employer and share these ideas with the people who can make them happen.

Improve your soft skills. How strong are your interpersonal communications skills and other soft skills? Businesses value excellent “people skills” and are inclined to promote those who demonstrate an ability to work closely with — and lead — others.

Become proficient at new things. You’ll quickly stand out by displaying a willingness to embrace new technology or take on new responsibilities. An employee who’s always learning is a valued employee.

Seek networking opportunities. Networking isn’t solely a job-seeking activity. By attending workshops, trade shows, professional association events, etc., you build a network of valued connections that keeps you “ahead of the curve” in changes in your industry — and increases your worth as a trusted employee.

Challenges in the Workplace

Inevitably, you’ll bump against obstacles or challenges in your job. How well you cope with these challenges also defines you as a workplace success.

Too much on your plate. If you’re assigned tasks that don’t fit with your original job description or get dumped on you when a co-worker is terminated, do the best you can to absorb the added work. However, if this interferes with your top job priorities, speak with your supervisor and offer constructive solutions to handle this problem.

Conflict with a fellow employee. Personalities clash from time to time. The key is being able to work out issues with the other person. If that’s not possible, focus on adjusting your attitude while remaining professional at all times.

Success in today’s workplace requires the ability to grow and change with the job, while standing out as a valued team player. If you do that, opportunities for growth and advancement will naturally come your way.

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