August 19, 2016

How Can A Sales Incubator Help Your Business?

A sales incubator (also known as a “business incubator”) can often make the difference between a startup’s success and failure in the marketplace. These organizations are chiefly designed to help accelerate a startup or early stage company’s growth and success — connecting entrepreneurs with angel investors, local governments, economic development groups and other potential investors.

In other words, according to contributor David Worrell, incubators “nurture startup businesses and young companies until they are big enough to leave the nest and make it on their own.”

While often primarily focused on raising capital for a new business, incubators provide assistance and strategic guidance in a variety of ways, including:

Networking. Some sales incubators offer a physical space in which entrepreneurs and mentors (or coaches) can meet and exchange ideas and insights. Startups can benefit enormously from learning to avoid mistakes other newly established companies have made in the past.

Access to professional services. Various incubators facilitate contact between fledgling companies and the types of professional services they need most, e.g., accountants and attorneys. This eliminates the hit-and-miss nature of seeking these types of professionals on one’s own.

Marketing insights. Depending on their specialties, some incubators provide valuable ideas on how best to market a new business, framing the startup’s great new idea in ways most likely to appeal to investors and potential customers.

Investment funding. What’s more critically important to a new business than startup capital? Incubators can pave the way for entrepreneurs to connect with angel investors and venture capitalists looking to underwrite the next new thing. This type of focused introduction can save startups untold hours of wasted efforts, approaching the wrong types of investors and getting turned down for financing again and again.

Where are these sales and business incubators located? One resource for locating the incubator right for your own business is the National Business Incubation Association, which provides “thousands of professionals with information, education, advocacy and networking resources to bring excellence to the process of assisting early-stage companies.”

If your startup focus is on comprehensive sales solutions — and sales, after all, are how your company will grow — the best place to start is with our sister company, Sales University Group. Our inside sales incubator services focus on incubating inside or outside sales teams for your company. This enables you to focus on running your business, while we focus on generating opportunities to drive revenue.

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