Recruiting Team

All sales recruiting teams and recruiting companies are not the same. Our proof? In any niche, no two companies have sales forces with identical skill and productivity. It is inevitable that some sales forces do better and others do worse; some sales teams close the big deal, and others go back to the office empty handed.

Sales Empowerment Group’s Chicago-based recruiting team will put your company’s sales team at the top of the heap. We say this with confidence because our people, our system, our experience, our network of contacts, and our recruiting and consulting processes are second to none.

If you are tired of a revolving door of sales recruits, of having your top sales personnel spend their time training rather than selling, of having flat or declining revenue production when the competitor’s is soaring — please contact us to learn how the Sales Empowerment Group can help set you on the path to consistent revenue growth.

Faith Cornelius Senior Sales Lead Recruiter

Faith Cornelius
Senior Lead Sales Recruiter

Jennifer Michaud Senior Sales Lead Recruiter

Jennifer Michaud
Senior Lead Sales Recruiter

Angie Wohlfeil Sales Recruiter

Angie Wohlfeil
Senior Lead Sales Recruiter

Sarah Workman Senior Lead Sales Recruiter

Sarah Workman
Senior Lead Sales Recruiter










Important things to know about our Chicago sales recruiters:

  • 42 percent of our placements come from our own network of contacts. We’ve been at this a long time, and have developed relationships with top-performing sales organizations and top performers across the full spectrum of verticals. This is a key advantage, since we focus on proven winners rather than possible winners.
  • Unlike many recruiting organizations, we focus all of our attention on sales. If you become a client, you will be working with a team that lives and breathes sales skills, sales productivity and sales excellence. We don’t look for purchasing talent, operations talent, finance talent or marketing talent. We are not a jack-of-all-trades — just a master of the sales trade. All of our recruiters are former sales people and have walked the walk.
  • Our team is really a team, and it is your team. We have been working together for a long time. We enjoy working together and continually share expertise, ideas and strategies. When you work with Sales Empowerment Group, you have not only a single advocate and recruiter, but also an entire team of recruiting professionals and consultants with an interest in helping you succeed.

How Sales Empowerment Group’s recruiting will transform your sales organization:

    • Our Chicago sales recruiters will do the heavy lifting of finding and screening top sales talent that fits your organization. Your valuable, internal team members can focus on activities that add to the top line and bottom line.
    • To make sure your sales recruits are a great fit, we will learn your business inside and out: your sales process, your company culture, the habits and attributes of your proven sales performers, your business goals, your sales goals, your biggest sales challenges, and your toughest competitors.
    • We will tap into our large pool of contacts and explore every other means at our disposal to identify top sales talent and help them understand how your organization will help them meet their business and career objectives. When we match recruits to companies, we want both the recruit and your organization to approach the opportunity with excitement! As you well know, a good fit goes both ways: When the recruit is excited to be on board, the likelihood of a successful training period and sales career increases exponentially.

We will help you get where you want your sales team to go. Please contact us now to learn more about how our Chicago sales recruiters and sales rep consultants can enhance your business.